Stranger than Fiction: A hiker’s encounter

A thru-hiker named Gobbles recounts his story about a group of strangers he and his friend, Maytag, met while hiking the Appalachian Trail. This story was part of his letters home to family and friends. Thanks for sharing, Gobbles!

The one thing that I have noticed on the trail is that the closer you get to a town the stranger it will get.  I think that a lot has to do with the fact that the trail is more exposed to foot traffic.  The thing is Continue reading

Mt Washington: Anticipating the Worst Weather in America

Trail approaching Mt Washington

From the time you enter the White Mountain National Forest, you start hearing about Mt Washington and the fast changing weather.

Here are some facts about Mt Washington:

  • Mt Washington is the highest peak in the northeastern US (6,288 ft)
  • It holds one the highest wind speed records on the planet (231 mph)
  • It is infamous for deaths from exposure.
  • It’s on the Appalachian Trail.

This is a story of how a group of thru-hikers did on their climb. Continue reading